University of Algarve opens degree in Physiotherapy next academic year

The University of Algarve, through the School of Health, will reinforce its training offer with the opening of the degree course in Physiotherapy. This commitment by UAlg will provide consistent and qualified training in the area of ​​Physiotherapy in the next academic year (2021/2022).

It is intended that a student of Physiotherapy acquires knowledge, skills and aptitudes that allow him to exercise professional practice centered on the user / family / caregiver, aiming at improving mobility, functionality, health and well-being, affected by injury , trauma, illness or aging. Throughout the teaching / learning path, you will acquire knowledge and skills in therapeutic approaches based on movement, therapeutic exercise, manipulative therapy, physical and natural agents, educational modalities, among others.

This course will train professionals capable of developing human, scientific and technical skills in an atmosphere of interdisciplinarity. It is also intended to develop clinical reasoning and assessment and intervention skills in the musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory areas, throughout the entire life cycle and in different intervention contexts.

These professionals are qualified to practice the profession both in Portugal and abroad. This course has a duration of four years and is designed to allow the student to acquire his professional skills, in addition to developing ethical and social awareness for the future performance of the profession.

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