Administrative Services

Academic Management

The Academic Management Support Unit (UAGA) provides technical and administrative support for students, teaching staff and the general public, as well as disseminating all information related to academic matters at the ESSUAlg, and is responsible for:

  • Handling the school’s day-to-day business;
  • Customer service;
  • Support for teaching staff and course directors;
  • Student support;
  • Preparation of documents and dissemination of information;
  • Liaison with UAlg’s Academic Services Division;
  • Pedagogical archives.

Ricardina Fernandes Bolas Quitério |
Nídia Cristina Pires Guerreiro |

Telephone: 289 800 100 | ext: 7593


Human Resources

The Human Resources Support Unit (UARH) carries out its activity within the scope of administrative and technical management of personnel processes, namely:

  • Management Support;
  • Support for employees, teaching and non-teaching staff;
  • Recruitment processes;
  • Support for teaching staff appraisals;
  • Keeping and updating of the personnel register;
  • Liaison with UAlg’s Human Resources Division.

Gisela Maria Teixeira Cortes de Sousa Justo //

Extension: 7571


Financial and Asset Management

The Financial and Asset Management Support Unit (UAGFP) looks after ESSUALG’s financial, budgetary and asset management and is responsible for:

  • Budgetary and accounting records;
  • Registration, maintenance and divestment of assets;
  • Procurement processes for goods and services;
  • Preparation of budget proposals;
  • Control of budget execution;
  • Support in the preparation of the management accounts;
  • Liaison with UAlg’s Finance and Assets Division.

Marta Isabel de Almeida Gonçalves Teixeira // 
Lília Maria Viegas Branco Martins // 

Extension: 7417


Quality, Research and Advanced Training

The Quality, Research and Advanced Training Support Unit (UAQUIFA) promotes the strategic development of the ESSUALG, and is responsible for:

  • Support for the school and research;
  • Mobility support for students and teaching staff;
  • Support for graduates in terms of career opportunities;
  • Assessing the satisfaction of teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students;
  • Assessment of internships, mobility and career opportunities;
  • Advanced training:
  • Organisation and advertising of events;
  • Preparation of accreditation and course assessment processes;
  • Liaison with UALG’s Alumni and Careers Office;
  • Liaison with UAlg’s Assessment and Quality Office;
  • Liaison with UAlg’s Communications and Protocol Office;
  • Liaison with UAlg’s International Relations and Mobility Office.

Célia Paula Oliveira // 
Extension: 7423