We are part of a young, dynamic University that has been working for more than 40 years to build futures. Recognised for its teaching quality and excellent research, the University of Algarve also stands out for its close contact with its students and the campus establishing itself as a vibrant space for experiences, well-being, culture and knowledge. This is your University, your Campus, your Future. 

With quality and diversity ensured, we have several food units, spread over the various campuses. Enjoy our healthy meals.

The University of Algarve has 9 University Residences, with a total of 558 beds, so that you can stay comfortably. 

Here you can find help with IT support, access peer mentoring, search for career opportunities or get in touch with the student Ombudsman. 

Your health and well-being is one of our biggest commitments. UAlg provides confidential and personalized medical care, in coordination with the various health services available on campuses.

Integrated in a privileged space for sports, UAlg offers a set of sports activities aimed at promoting health and well-being. Know our sports activities.

Join us and come to live incredible academic experiences. Find out what the Academic Association of the University of Algarve (AAUAlg) has for you.

UAlg participates in the construction of active citizenship through various volunteer actions. Your contribution can make a difference.

PI²Género UAlg follows international guidelines on this matter, specifically those drafted by the European Institute for Gender Equality.

Know more about the campi.