Centre for Research and Development in Health

The Centre for Research and Development in Health (CESUAlg) is a research and development center, which aims to promote scientific research in the areas of Sciences and Health Technologies and Nursing.​​​

CESUAlg enjoys scientific autonomy and develops its lines of research in the following areas:

  1. Quality of Life in Health and Disease contexts (Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Luís Pedro Ribeiro);
  2. Prevention, Diagnosis, Therapy and Rehabilitation (Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Rui Plácido Raposo);
  3. Management and Evaluation in Health Technologies (Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Margarida Espírito Santo);
  4. Healthy Aging (Coordinator: Prof. Nídia Rebelo Braz);
  5. Biostatistics and Epidemiology (Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ezequiel Marques Pinto).

​​​​​​​CESUAlg's mission is to contribute to the progress of research, the quality of post-graduate education and the provision of specialized services to the community in its areas of expertise.

In pursuance of its objectives, CESUAlg promotes the establishment of interdisciplinary activities, linking basic and applied research to technological development, oriented to the Promotion of Health and Quality of Health Services.

CESUAlg also directs its activities to the development of projects, promoting students' learning capacity in articulation with the research activities developed at the University of Algarve (UAlg).

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